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Understanding ISO 9001 Auditing & Other Standards

Understanding ISO 9001 Auditing & Other Standards

Obtaining a professional standards certification for a business is an important process. Not only will a professional standard build trust and respect with consumers, but it will improve the operations, processes, and quality of the good and services a business delivers. One of the reasons professional standards carry so much weight is that they require an in-depth application and review process. Selecting a qualified auditing and training service will help a business prepare to meet the detailed requirements for certification.

ISO 9001 Auditing

ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognized quality management system. It can be applied to a wide range of industries, and as a result, it can be difficult for individual businesses to determine what they need to implement to meet the criteria. An ISO 9001 auditing service is experienced with the ISO system and can guide businesses every step of the way. To make the process as smooth as possible, look for an ISO 9001 auditing service that has experience in your specific industry.

IFS Auditing

The International Featured Standards (IFS) certification is designed to help businesses ensure quality, transparency, and efficiency in global operations. IFS does not give black and white definitions of what processes must look like, which can make certification confusing for some businesses. IFS auditing teams work closely with a business to highlight any flaws in their processes which are not up to the IFS standards. An IFS auditing team will then help to implement changes to ensure a business meets certification criteria on the first application.

 AIB Consulting

When it comes to food safety the AIB International standard is important. AIB certification ensures that a business meets the global standards for food quality and safety.  In the modern world, food travels a global supply chain. It can be difficult for an individual business to track, monitor, and understand every detail about the lengthy journey some ingredients take. An AIB consulting service understands the global path food follows and highlights areas of concern, prior to an application process. AIV consulting services are experts in food safety and specialize in understanding where and how food is handled.

While these organizations are by no means the only global quality standards, they are important. Gaining any of these certifications requires an investment of time and money, and it is important to understand the requirements up front. However, when done correctly, professional certifications offer important quality guarantees for businesses, regardless of their industry.

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