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Restaurant Food Safety

Food Safety at Restaurants and Eateries

Are you Serving Safe Food?

Recent outbreak of bacteria problem from Chipotle chain of restaurants should be an eye opener for many restaurants as to the hassles an outbreak can cause and the amount of expenditure involved in rebuilding trust among customers. It should also be noted that FDA/USDA conducts unannounced surprise audits on all restaurants and eatery joints in the country based on Food Safety principles and guidelines issued by them from time to time.

These guidelines are enforceable as per FSMA act. Food inspectors armed with certifications in food safety come and inspect the premises and failure in such audits may cause closure of facilities. Therefore it is essential that all restaurants are prepared at all times for such an audit. QSE consultants with qualified food safety certificates such as “ServSafe” can help in organizing your restaurant practices and management.

Who should pursue?

  • All Restaurants that deals Processing, Packing or Storage of Food
  • All Restaurants that wants to increase their food safety
  • All Restaurants and Eateries that would like to retain its registration with FDA
  • All Restaurants, Fast Food Joints and others who like to serve safe food
  • All organizations that wants no food recall or no hold on its operations


  • Gain confidence of Customers for increased business
  • Be prepared for unannounced audits by FDA/USDA
  • Incorporate systematic management practices which are failure proof
  • Prevent contamination in the food they serve, pack or store before it reaches the consumer.
  • Reduce costs associated with expensive break out problems
  • Improve food safety
  • Retain registration


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