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Why is Consulting Required for Information Security Management Systems?

ISO 27001:2015
Information Security Management Systems

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Information Security Management Systems | ISO 27001:2015

ISO/IEC 27001 is a standardized global criterion that has been developed to promote security of information systems through quality system management. The rationale that has inspired the need for quality assurance in the information sector is based on the sensitivity of private and confidential information supplied through such information systems.

The certification provides detailed frameworks in the various ideas needed to develop an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) and policy framework for the organizational level. The ISO 27001 is a product of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in partnership with the International Electro- Technical commission (IEC) and was published in 2005. The standard involves the development of security techniques and systems management practices that are globally acclaimed.

It aims at bringing in information security under critical and well-developed management practice through formal specification of management systems and auditing. Also helps to mandate basic requirements and steps toward the creation of information security systems that will provide effective ideas in the practice. While many organizations have developed an information security approach, there is an emphasis on having ISMS to complement their efforts.

The following are some of the requirements of the ISO 27001 audit certification:

  • An effective information risk assessment mechanism that will identify areas of need and vulnerability and the potential impact these risks can have on the companies’ information management systems.
  • ISO 27001 requires the development of a comprehensive information security control system with an in-depth analysis of the modern technologies on systems security.
  • Compels organizations to adopt and retain an effective management practice that plays a crucial role in safeguarding data systems from potential breaches.
  • The certification also requires companies to develop an informative information security policy and direction that will be supplied within all the departments of the company.

What is Third Party Security Audit and Consulting

Quality Management Consultants can prepare your facilities to have an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and associated documents/records to show as evidence of having implemented the system.

Each facility needs to prepare documentation to show as evidence of having a streamlined process that ensures that Data is protected every time without fail.

Breach of Data is a major problem in any industry, especially in industries manufacturing consumer durables. The competition is so fierce that one data breach can cause a loss of huge money to any manufacturer

It is therefore necessary to build a robust system which wins the absolute confidence of the customers in according jobs.

In addition to having a system, the same is to be audited periodically to ensure that designed systems are being followed and controls are being exercised. The system should also have a daily monitoring system to verify the periodicity of impending malicious attacks and how ell the security system is preventing it on a daily basis.

The audits performed by a team within the facility is called Party Audit. Audits performed by consultant firms like Quality Systems Enhancement is known as a second-party audit. An audit conducted by certifying Body is known as a 3rd party audit.

A third-party audit is conducted by Accredited Certifying Bodies accredited by ISO and are signatories to IAF and MLA.

Why is Consulting Required for Information Security Management Systems?

  • All facilities engaged in preserving Data need an information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • ISMS can assure customers that the facility has a robust system and can produce services desired without slightest breach of data
  • ISO 27001 is an international standard dedicated to building ISMS and pave way for continual improvement in any facility
  • ISMS will include all requirements as per guidelines issued by ISO 27002. In addition, the system can integrate additional requirements issued by automotive standards such as VDA 6.3 where required
  • The standard has been corrected in 2015 to align with the published international standard ISO 9001:2015, 10-element high level structure and has similar quality management principles as a guiding philosophy
  • ISO 27001 Consulting services are required to assist organizations in building a comprehensive quality management system to meet all requirements of ISO 27001 audits.
  • ISO 27001 Consulting services can build a QMS that can prepare organizations with a robust system to produce quality products and services
  • ISO Consultants assist in meeting “Annex SL, a section of the ISO/IEC Directives part 1 that prescribes how ISO Management System Standard (MSS) standards should be written.” which in turn meets ISO 27001 audit requirements.
  • A good ISO 27001 consulting firm provides training to top management in promoting Risk-Based Thinking, Process Approach, and Continual Improvement
  • ISO Consultants assist in developing a comprehensive, simplified QMS to meet all requirements of ISO 27001 and third-party Certification Body stage 1 audit requirements. The stage 1 audit from Certification Bodies vary depending on the selected Certification Bodies which verifies the documented system meeting all the requirements of ISO 27001 or not.
  • An ISO 27001 consulting firm provides the techniques for implementation, and trains organization’s internal auditors to become competent to perform internal audits or provides ISO Internal Auditing Services to audit all processes, all ISO 27001 Standard requirements and effective implementation of ISO 27001 Standard
  • Internal Quality Audits conducted by ISO consultants, help the facilities to find all deficiencies in their implementation which are not normally found during organizations first party audits
  • ISO 27001 consulting companies assist organizations to effectively control document information (Documents and Records) related to changes, conducting ISO management review meetings covering all management review inputs (as per ISO 9001 requirements)
  • Including the  trends to be monitored, internal audit results are fully addressed, risk related activities identified/assessed/mitigated, root cause analysis is fully applied, corrective actions are initiated and continual improvement is realized

The following are the gross benefits of implementing an Information Security Management System under the ISO 27001 certification plan:

  • Promoted organizational interoperability that has enhanced resource sharing and production capacity increase.
  • Promotes organizational responsibility in the development of an effective information security management system that guarantees the safety and security of private information.
  • The standard has also informed best practices in data management in an effort to create awareness on the possible threats to information and develop mechanisms to neutralize these particular threats.
  • ISO 27001 has also provided an internationally binding benchmark for measuring modern management practices and its impact in information management and security by leading organizations.
  • Contributed to a substantial policy framework in the promotion of better ideas in information security and safety.

The QSE Difference in Training, Auditing, & Consulting Services

  • QSE has over 27 Years of standing in the field of Consulting, Auditing and Training for any ISO Standard, Sector Specific Standard, AISC standard or Food Safety Standard
  • QSE has helped over 700 facilities to earn their ISO certifications and other certifications
  • All QSE customers passed ISO certification audits with no or minimum nonconformities
  • Over 98 % of QSE customers passed ISO certification audits with nil nonconformity first time around. QSE has a 100 % success rate in obtaining certifications for its customers
  • Unlike our competitors, QSE has a unique, comprehensive, evidence based, simplified single level, documentation system which is easy to implement and provides evidence for implementation to earn ISO 27001 certification
  • QSE’s designed templates are tried and tested for accuracy and correctness and provide objective evidence during internal audits and ISO certification audits
  • QSE’s simplified system is evidence based, and it is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to audit
  • QSE‘s evidence-based system with proven lists, forms and tables results in ISO certification with minimum or no nonconformities
  • QSE engages all competent auditors to conduct internal audits or supplier audits
  • President QSE, Baskar Kotte is an original and an active member of ISO/US TAG/TC 176, the Technical Committee that originally developed the ISO 9000 family of standards, ISO/US TAG/TC 207 which developed the ISO 14000 family of standards, ISO/US TAG/ TC 301 (TC 242) which developed ISO 50001 and   ISO 19011 the Guiding standards for Auditing. Mr. Kotte also participated and provided input to the development of the current ISO 9001:2015, ISO 140001:2015, ISO 50001:2018 family of Standards and ISO 19011:2018 revised standards.

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