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Occupational Health and Safety for the healthcare industry

Safety -OSHA – Occupational Safety and Support

OSHA is the recent version of the OHSA 18001 certification program that has been specifically designed for occupational health and support. The charter stipulates some of the modern practices needed to be taken to reduce the risk associated with the occupation of employees. It provides a legally binding framework that compels companies to develop a risk assessment initiative in an effort to mitigate effects that may have a negative impact of their employee’s health and safety.

The Safety OSHA charter is one of the foundational certification programs that have advocated greater responsibility for companies to take into close consideration the environment of their work and how that particular environment can affect its workers. As part of the institution reform agenda, the framework provides a pre-requisite clause that all organizations must conduct a risk assessment and in the process promote an effective risk mitigation plan based on the findings of their assessments. Furthermore the charter also calls for companies and organizations to have a long-term strategy that will reduce in phases the risk exposed to workers in their line of work.

The following are some of the fundamental requirements for the safety OSHA:

  • Requires companies and organizations to develop informative risk assessment strategies and further document findings to act as a baseline in formulating mitigation strategies for the company.
  • Certification program also places huge emphasis on organizations to develop an occupational health and safety policy that will reflect the foundational requirements and values spelled out in the safety OSHA as well the OHS18001.
  • The certification also requires companies to evaluate all their process to proactively identify areas of potential risks and move on to deal with them.

Implementing the charter will definitely be of huge help to your company and some of the benefits are listed. However it is important to note that the main agenda that is propagated by the charter is to promote quality assurance practices that protect workers from occupational hazards and risks.

The following are the benefits:

  • Certification program gives your organization the ultimate chance to develop a good risk assessment program that will be very critical in analyzing the areas of need and moving on to develop mitigation plans for them, making your company safer and more convenient.
  • Implementing an occupational health and safety policy in your company will motivate your workers while attracting others and as a result increase productivity.
  • The safety and occupational health principles spelled out in the certification program will give your company the added advantage to create an international reputation as a leading quality assurance organization with a safe environment to work.
  • Our approach to the occupational health and policy charter helps you develop an efficient risk assessment initiative and furthermore come up with mitigating strategies. We provide you with an easy platform to shape your company towards certification under the program.

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