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Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Malcomb Baldrige National Quality Award

The MBNQA began from an increased interest during the 1980’s in increasing the quality of US products and the competitiveness of US companies. An advocate of quality improvement, then Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige, believed that quality management was a requirement for US prosperity and sustainability. After Malcom Baldrige’s death in 1987, congress named the award in his recognition. —Congress created the Award Program to identify and recognize role-model businesses, establish criteria for evaluating improvement effort, and disseminate and share best practices.

Who Should Pursue?

The Baldrige Criteria can be adapted to fit your unique challenges and culture and help you evaluate performance, assess where improvements or innovation are most needed, and get results. By taking the Baldrige journey, you become part of a national effort to improve America’s performance and its competitive standing in the world. You can be proud to know that your employees, customers, board members, and other stakeholders are all better off—and that America is better off.


  • —Achieves sustainable results in today’s challenging environment
  • —Helps organizations to think strategically and compete globally
  • —Helps companies align processes, people, resources, and customers’ needs
  • —Provides an integrated framework to move organizations best in class Quality levels

Business Impact:

  • —Improved bottom line performance and top line growth
  • —Improved ROI that can be sustained over a period of time
  • —Improved shareholder value through better stock performance

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