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Customer Satisfaction Measurement

What is Customer Satisfaction Measurement?

Customer satisfaction is the state of mind that customers feel about a company when their expectations have been met or exceeded over the lifetime of the product or service. The ultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction is company loyalty and product repurchase. Customer certification serves as a means through which a company’s products or services meet or exceed customer expectations based on many aspects. These aspects often reflect many features of the company’s business activities including: Actual product, service, company and how the company operates in the global business arena. It is determined by an overall psychological evaluation that is a based on a customer’s lifetime of product and service experience.

Who should Pursue?

  • Customer satisfaction should be pursued by companies who intend to have an effective marketing strategy.
  • Companies that intend to retain existing customers while at the same time adding new customers.
  • Companies that offer products or services and understand how critical customer satisfaction is as a predictor of customer retention loyalty and product repurchase.
  • Companies that intend to increase the amount of money existing customers spend.
  • Companies that are offering products and services and intend to find more customers that fit their ideal customer profile.

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Measurement

  • Ensures loyalty from the customers and as a result there will be increased profits ranging between 25%-85%.
  • When customers are very satisfied with a company’s services, they can be confident that consumers will repurchase their products by being loyal and recommending the products and services to other potential customers.
  • Creates awareness to other potential customers through the company’s existing satisfied customers who tend to describe to others how well they were treated and served.
  • Increases the organization’s market share in the market place.

Business impact

  • Satisfied customers will act as a marketing tool to a business or company. Very satisfied customers will be loyal and inclined to repurchase products and services. They will use the “word of mouth” to tell five others about an organization’s products and services which ultimately results to a high percentage of profits.
  • Ensures that satisfied customers will help in reducing the costs of getting new customers through their “word of mouth” marketing of products and services which in the end reduces investments costs of acquiring new customers.
  • Ensures the company or business is ahead of their competitors. For the company or business to achieve customer satisfaction they cannot avoid conducting customer surveys which help the company to achieve this customer’s satisfaction. This helps them identify the needs and expectations of their customers, fulfil them and ultimately works as a strategic weapon against their competitors thus resulting in a larger market share and ultimately increased profits.

Our Approach

QSE adopts a “Ten Step Approach” to Implementation. This approach, designed and perfected by QSE, addresses each facet in an easy to implement manner. Tools merge with each other seamlessly and so effortlessly that the end product is a top-notch quality.

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