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QSE’s Mitigation Efforts to Covid-19: Virtual Meetings, Virtual Training, Virtual Consulting and Virtual Auditing: April 2020

QSE is right on the top of this unique pandemic and making preparation for Emergency Preparedness and Response. We have stopped all our air travel and on-site meetings for consulting, auditing and training and following physical distancing, mask wearing and avoiding any dense gathering areas.

We are so glad to inform you that only one of our customers, as we know of, infected with Covid-19. Our hearts to go all victims of Coronavirus infection and their family members. We pray for the contracted ones to recover soon.

Response, Mitigation and Recovery are the three stages to effectively eradicate this dangerous outbreak. Testing, Treatment, Tracing, Tracking  and Training appear to be broad focus to control and mitigate Covid-19. 

To effectively contribute our share to our customers, for the last few weeks, we have retooled our services to mitigate impact by designing our services through the virtual interface using modern tools. We have designed the following to be fully prepared to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus:

Go To Training

Virtual Training or Remote Training or On-Line Training or e-Training

Go To Consulting

Virtual Consulting or Remote Consulting or On-Line Consulting or e-Consulting

Go To Auditing

Virtual Auditing or Remote Auditing or On-Line Auditing or e-Auditing

These Virtual Services are delivered to you right from our office to your offices through well-known Webinar Tools such as : WebEx, Skype, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Team’s, and Zoom. 

CDC Leadership recently indicated that government agencies and many companies are following below White House guidelines for “Opening Up America Again”*:

Federal agencies recently received guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for aligning federal agency operations with the national guidelines for Opening Up America Again.

*OMB Guidance from White House:*


*Opening Up America Again, guidelines from White House:*


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