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Product Audits

What is a Product Audits?

The product audit is the assessment of the final product/service and its qualification for use evaluated versus the intent of the purpose of the product/service. It ensures a thorough inspection of a final product before delivery to a supplier or a customer. By thoroughly inspecting the final product, it aims at improving quality, increasing profitability, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is necessary for a product to go through this process in order to determine if it meets specifications. The Product Audit ultimately serves as a benefit to the suppliers and customers by ensuring quality which results in higher customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Product Audits?

  • Assists companies and businesses to determine if a company or organization is doing what it says it is.
  • Helps businesses and organizations management to address non conformance and take corrective action that leads to company improvement.
  • Establish quality in as far as their businesses are concerned and also the creation of a quality system that is vital if products are to be of the highest quality.
  • Assists businesses and companies in conducting their own internal audits before involving external auditors.
  • Increases customer satisfaction especially where customers have requested an audit or a product because of some consistent problems with the product.
  • Helps the upper management of businesses and organizations in the drafting of a quality policy.
  • Performs random sampling to determine if they are an accurate representation of a company’s quality system.
  • Document and describe specific activities and tasks within the organization that assists in ensuring high quality products.
  • Determine and distinguish the difference between observation and non conformance in as far as quality of products is concerned.
  • Constantly measures the effectiveness of current processes and strives to meet more difficult objectives that satisfy customers.
  • Assists with how to gather information that pertains to the quality of a product process of a quality system.
  • Helps a forum where the audit team and the auditee are able to meet and discuss the results of a product audit.
  • Have an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the quality systems, especially when the product audit is conducted by an external auditor.
  • Assists businesses and organizations in conducting internal audits of products by the organization’s own staff, which is a requirement of ISO 9000.
  • Addresses product quality issues adequately so that products are able to sell and have a competitive edge over competing products.

Our approach

QSE adopts a “Ten Step Approach” to Implementation. This approach, designed and perfected by QSE, addresses each facet in an easy to implement manner. Tools merge with each other seamlessly and so effortlessly that the end product is a top-notch quality.

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