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10 Step Approach

“10 Step Approach

QSE “10 Step Approach to Certification

  1. Awareness Training: We provide your management team and personnel with training that focuses on the benefits of certification and the implications of certification…read more
  2. Documentation Preparation Assistance: We will assist your key personnel in the process of writing realistic and precise procedures based on actual practices…read more
  3. Documentation Review and Feedback: We review your completed documentation to ensure compliance to the standard…read more
  4. Internal Audit Training: We will train a group of personnel to perform effective internal audits of your system using process approach…read more
  5. Implementation Assistance: We work with your Management Representative and other personnel including management in the effective implementation of your system…read more
  6. Pre-Assessment Audit: We perform a thorough Pre-Assessment of your system to detect all implementation difficulties…read more
  7. Deficiency Correction: We assist you to detect all implementation difficulties in addressing and resolving deficiencies discovered during Pre-Assessment…read more
  8. Readiness Evaluation: We evaluate the overall readiness of your organization to face the certification audit…read more
  9. Coaching For Audit: We will coach all personnel who will interface with the certification auditors…read more
  10. Assistance During Audit: We will stay with you during the certification audit to ensure accurate interpretation of the standard…read more

QSE “10 Step Approach” to Lean

  1. Lean tools and concepts training
  2. Baseline assessment / establishment of goals and metrics
  3. Selection of appropriate lean tools and concepts
  4. Train the implementation team for the application of the selected tools and concepts
  5. Assist in the application of the selected tools and concepts
  6. Monitor improvements against goals
  7. Fine-tuning of processes to achieve value-added results
  8. Maximize/optimize implementation effectiveness for bottom line improvement
  9. Incorporate results into standardized procedures
  10. Management Review of Accomplished Results

QSE “10 Step Approach” for Bottom-Line Improvement

  1. Select top five bottom line-affecting items
  2. Establish baseline results and performance metrics
  3. Train on problem-solving concepts
  4. Apply problem-solving tools to reduce waste
  5. Develop disciplined methods/controlling tools for effective implementation
  6. Measure and monitor success
  7. Optimize
  8. Monitor for sustainability
  9. Develop procedures for sustainability
  10. Review, recognize and reward

QSE Disciplined Path for Sustainability

  1. Customer Expectations
  2. Risk Associated with Corporate Responsibility
  3. Profitability Connection to Business Sustainability
  4. Sustainability Related Terminology
  5. Establish Sustainability Objectives and Targets with Business / Environmental Indicators
  6. Design Products to Meet Sustainability Objectives or Targets
  7. Disseminate Customer Expectations to Supply Chain / Procurement Channels
  8. Apply Right Tools / Techniques / Standards
  9. Measure / Monitor / Audit
  10. Implement Solutions Using Disciplined Methodology
  11. Conduct Management Review and Continually Improve
  12. Recognize and Reward


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