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AS 9100D Transition and Implementation

Running out of time for Transitioning to AS 9100D:

Aerospace Standards have been revised in 2015 to AS 9100 D. Reason for the revision is periodic revision to be in line with developments in the Industry and to align with latest International Quality Standards such as ISO 9001;2015 and others. All organizations engaged in providing Products or Services to Aircraft OEMs are expected to follow this standard for getting a certification to be a recognizable supplier to Aircraft Manufacturing in addition to following Regulations of the Federal Aviation Agency as applicable.

as 9100d transition

Manufacturers/Service Providers have been given time up to September 2018 to transition in to the new standard which will be expiring in next six months. Industries will lose their existing certification after that and may have to go in for fresh certification after September ‘2018.

What is new In AS 9100 D?

The following could be termed as important changes in the revised standard:

Risk-Based Thinking: Risk as factor had been intrinsic in both ISO and As standard but is now explicit and emphasized in both standards. ISO does not warrant a definitive procedure as evidence for Risk Planning and mitigation but aerospace standards insist on risk planning at every process and documented evidence of having applied risk mitigation techniques•

Product Safety:  AS 9100 D in clause 8.1.3 details the requirements of Product Safety and any customer specific requirements needed in this regard are to be complied with.

Prevention of Counterfeit Products: Clause 8.1.4 of the Revised AS 9100 D  insists on responsibility and accountability in prevention of counterfeit parts and documentary evidence of compliance. This may be more rigorous for entities using electronic components where counterfeit parts are not easily detectable.

Awareness: AS 9100 D  lays greater emphasis on awareness of employees on Quality Policy Quality Objectives, Operations Control and controls at final delivery with established processes for Identification and traceability for components in case they are to be recalled or replaced
Human Factors: providers may have to take in to account factors affecting human efficiency like stress, fatigue etc. in addressing corrective actions for nonconformities..
Organizational Context: :  This element is new and is in line with revised ISO 9001:2015 Standards. It is expected that organizations will consider all needs and expectations of all entities who have influence on the products and services and those who can be influenced by the products and services have to be taken into account

Accountability and Performance Evaluation:   A major paradigm shift in all the standards is the major focus on Management Accountability Commitment and Leadership.


Gap Analysis: The AS 9100 D standard is available for procurement at several places. Once a thorough study is made on the requirements it is necessary for the firm to have an objective assessment on its status vis-à-vis the requirements of new standard and create evidence for compliance.

Does the firm want to be a Certificate Hanger?

Any body can fill in a record or checkoff a prescribed place in a form and create evidence. As per the statistics available with ISO organization there are about 1.2 million Certificates are issued but most believe that less than 60.000 firms are using the standards to their advantage.

What is required is a strategic direction and commitment form the Management to use the standards to their best advantage of over all and total management process through systematic process approach and adequate corrective actions against non conformities and the process to see recurrence does not happen.

QSE difference: Quality Systems enhancement (QSE) a premier consulting, Training and auditing firm has a time tested disciplined path which is insensitive to failure in obtaining certifications. QSE will help creating a data driven. evidence based, single level, integrated management system which is easy to follow and easier still to maintain over the years and get the maximum advantage of the standards which is the main intent behind creating standards in consultation with Industry practitioners and their impacts on society. Visit our website www.enhancequality.com. Contact us on phone at 770-518-9967 or email to info@qsebackup.atlcreative.co for immediate help.

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