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Is ISO a Panacea for All problems in the Industry?

Webster Dictionary defines Panacea as a cure for all illnesses. In other words it is one medicine for all ailments.

In industry Circles ISO may be treated as a panacea for all management problems irrespective of what is being managed, be it production or services



Obvious but a question not asked by many is that how can standardization be a solution to all problems. This is because what is being standardized is not a process or a product. ISO aims to standardize a complete system. This standardization encompasses all aspects of management starting from context of the organization and Commitment of the leadership to performance evaluation and continual improvement.

ISO has a reach which is all pervasive and is almost omnipresent.  Even a partial look at the range of available standards verifies the veracity of the statement.


ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 14001 Environment management

ISO 13485 Medical Devices Management

ISO 15189 Medical laboratories

ISO 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

ISO 15378 Primary Packaging Materials for Medical supplies

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 55001 Asset Management

ISO 10993 Biological Evaluations of Medical Devices

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

ISO 12417  Photographic Equipment

ISO 20760 Water Re- Use in Urban Areas

ISO has over 1600 standards for the food production sector designed to create confidence in food products, improve agricultural methods and promote sustainable and ethical purchasing. They also cover a number of other areas including nutritional and safety testing, quality, packaging, and traceability


At the 52nd ISO DEVCO meeting, participants were roused by the words of guest speaker Christine Loew, Director of the UN Women Liaison Office, Geneva, made the audience sit-up and listen. She said

  1. “When [women’s] lives are improved, the benefits reverberate across society,”  says Loew. She cited the ways in which inequality pays compound interest, “women and girls bear the greatest burden of energy poverty – gathering fuel for an average of 18 hours per week”, with a knock-on effect of lower school attendance than their male counterparts.” ( Source: https://www.iso.org/news/) Just by adding better burning burners and alternate fuel the burden on women can be reduced and economy can show improvements in many developing countries

ISO now works for Gender equality

gender equality


Gender equality is a key component of social responsibility, and the empowerment of women and their equality in society is underlined in ISO 26000, Guidance on social responsibility. (https://www.iso.org/files/live/sites/isoorg/files/store/en/PUB100429.pdf)


ISO is now working on Standards for receiving education


The list seems endless

Why is ISO so important?

ISO is a global alliance drawn from approximately 140 countries

ISO establishes and publishes standards that help make it possible to have common understanding in international trade for goods and services.

ISO is a gateway to all domestic and international markets

Standards are available for almost all activities in an Industry

Are you certified to ISO?

If you are not it is never too late Start now.

QSE Approach:

Quality Systems Enhancement Inc. (QSE) is a reputed premier consulting, training and auditing firm engaged in helping organizations achieve their goals in certification to standards and improvement of operations since 1992. With this vast experience QSE has helped over 700 firms achieve certifications with most of them getting certified without a major nonconformity first time around. QSE can help the organization build a data driven, evidence based, simplified, single level documentation system without adding heaps of documents to the existing system in the organization. QSE will adapt all existing documentation of the firm by making them suitable to standard and organizational requirements. QSE’s 10 Step disciplined path is insensitive to failure. Visit our website www.enhancequality.com or contact for immediate assistance phone #, 770-518-9967.

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