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Do you want to Save Costs through Energy Management?

ISO a premier international Organization with membership from over 160 national certifying bodies in standards had come up with a Standard for Energy Management published in 2011 as   ISO 50001:2011. Over 30K organizations have made it their mandate to adopt this Energy Management system and are deriving the benefits from it. Like many other standards this standard is also being reviewed after a gap of 5 years to emerge as a new and improved standard. A major reason for this change is to have homogenized standards in all types of management systems and to have ease in integrating different management standards in an organization. The standard is on the verge of being published as Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) and is likely to be published as applicable standard by July/ August 2016. Once FDIS is published, thereafter changes will be only editorial and cosmetic.

This standard is a voluntary standard and does not warrant any mandatory compliance requirement. However it is a great tool for environment friendly and conscious organizations to follow and pursue their goals in Energy Management.

ISO 50001 — What is the standard expected to do?

This standard will help organizations big or small, in the private sector or public sector, irrespective of their size or nature of business, to formulate strategies in Energy conservation and optimization in use of energy. The new ten element high level structure introduced in the new standard will help alignment with all standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 etc.

  • Helps organizations in making better decisions on energy conservation
  • Facilitates communication throughout the Energy Management System. (En MS)
  • Advocates better Energy Management Practices and uniformity in approach.
  • Helps in decision making regarding introduction of new and improved technologies aimed at Energy Savings.
  • Helps in formulating a frame work for Energy efficiency, throughout the supply chain.
  • Motivates formulation of energy management systems to reduce greenhouse gasses and help prevent adverse environmental impacts.
  • Helps in saving several Tax dollars being spent on environmental protection, Health and safety.
  • Encourages companies to adopt nonconventional energy resources rather than consume expensive, conventional nonrenewable energy sources for the benefit of future generations
  • Helps in confidence building among investors and lenders on efficiency in Management of resources.

QSE’s “Ten Step Approach” to  compliance certification is designed and perfected to cost- effectively prepare facilities for successfully passing Certification Audits with minimum or no nonconformities. QSE emphasizes on developing Simplified Documented Management Systems to meet or exceeds the requirements of any ISO Standard requirements. This 10 Step Approach has a built-in discipline to involve all employees including top management right from the beginning to achieve long-term desired results. Our approach is so complete that we have helped over 640 companies obtain certification, of which, majority have obtained certification with zero deficiencies. Learn the intent comprehension of the Standard from Technical Member who was involved in development of the Standards. Please contact us for any of your training or certification needs in transition to new standards such as ISO 50001; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015 and to be published revisions in TS 16949, TL 9100 and AS 9100 D very soon.

You can our consultants by calling 770-518-9967 or by filling out a proposal request here.

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