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ISO 9001 Revision

Improve Manufacturer – Customer Relationship

ISO 9001 is one of the standards belonging to the family of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9000).  It deals with the regulatory and statutory requirements needed to be satisfied by different organizations to uphold superior performance and effective practice methodology.  ISO 9001 certification guarantees improved manufacturer/producer-customer relationship and consistent staff motivation.

To ensure that all ISO standards remain relevant and useful for the marketplace, it is mandatory that ISO standards are reviewed and updated every five years.  As the leading Quality Management System standard, ISO 9001 is currently under revision and the reworked version is set to be released on September 2015.  ISO 9001 is still at the 4th stage (or the Draft International Stage) of the whole 6-stage process.  Concerned parties can also participate during the DIS stage by forwarding reliable feedback to the experts or the technical committee in charge of revising the standard.  To make this possible, they can contact their country’s national member body and submit their commentaries.  The technical committee, however, only accepts comments that are from individuals or groups that have the know-how or experience in the field.  Once all feedbacks have been deliberated on and the draft approved, it will then enter the Final Draft International Stage (or FDIS) before publication.  After FDIS (ISO 9001:2015), editorial commentaries are still allowed from member bodies and with consensus from all member countries.

The updated version, that is due to be published by the end of next year, is said to present an enhanced level of structure that will make the application of ISO 9001, in conjunction with other quality management system standards, much easier.  With the changes including an increased focus given on risk, the revised ISO 9001 will definitely help companies all over the world provide better products and services to their customers.

For organizations that are ISO 9001:2008 certified, they are granted a transition period of three years, after final publication, to adjust their existing quality management system to the standard’s new edition.  This will give companies enough time to familiarize themselves to the changes made on the standard while taking the necessary steps to ensure smooth execution.

ISO 9001 Revision

If you are an organization that is struggling to keep up with the latest industry trends, or if you are one of those interested to learn more about the revised ISO 9001 and the expected changes that it will bring along, you don’t need to worry anymore because Quality System Enhancement, Inc. (or QSE) is here to help you.  Quality System Enhancement, Inc. is a reliable Quality system preparation specialist that is known to give premium services that include training, consulting, auditing and convenient ISO registration.  Their easy and cost-effective approach is sure to bring you incredible benefits.  ISO 9001 revision is a matter that will definitely affect your company’s future so better depend on the one who can assist you the best.  For inquiries, details or any important concerns you have regarding ISO standards, you can contact Quality System Enhancement, Inc. through this number 770-518-9967 or email them at info@qsebackup.atlcreative.co.  You can also visit their website at https://qsebackup.atlcreative.co/ for a better ISO understanding experience.


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