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22nd Annual ISO 9000 World Conference

Understanding ISO 9000

ISO 9000 is all about identifying, establishing and maintaining an effective quality assurance system that will enable manufacturing and service companies to consistently work with conscious effort to always upgrade their documentation, preparation methods and production. It is a family of standards that guides competitive companies on what is to be measured and what set of criteria is to be followed.

Photo of a time clock pointing to target top quality management standards
In the 22nd Annual ISO 9000 World conference, a unique international affair that brings together leaders and experts in the field of quality control and implementation, changes regarding the revised ISO 9001 and its related Quality Management System (QMS) standards are addressed.  Held last March 24-25, 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, affected individuals and quality professional groups attended the event in order to get a head start and to learn more about the said revisions and its implications on their industries from people who were working on the changes and its added merits.  The 22nd Annual ISO 9000 World Conference has given them an inside information on how to prepare for the coming changes and reliable speakers have enlightened their audience on what is to be expected.   In a time and place wherein constant development is embraced, Quality Management System (QMS) standards are becoming increasingly viewed as crucial building tools that help organizations from different parts of the world realize their objectives and transform their economic units into more aggressive, innovative and progressive key players in the industry.

The purpose of the revisions is to give assurance to organizations that the ISO 9000 standards remain valuable and relevant in the future.  The revised ISO 9001 is driven by concepts that may seem new but are actually grounded in the requirements that have been present in the original 1987 published version. It will also have a new structure that will be applied for all enhanced ISO management system standards.

Quality Management System Standards

The 22nd Annual ISO 9000 World Conference, by providing a meaningful program, has highlighted various ideas on how to make the most out of the Quality Management System standards in an innovative approach.  The event has held sessions that explore implementation on sector-specific areas and has given examples on how to integrate standards to already existing management systems that greatly contribute to the overall success of competitive companies.  The conference also aims to actively discuss the possibilities of promoting these documents not just as a certification but also as an important system tool that has vital impact on increasing the stability of the value chain and deriving positive results that will improve the benefits not just for the consumers but for the stakeholders as well.

The 22nd Annual ISO 9000 World Conference has been an exciting experience for all professional participants who have attended.  The conference has helped public groups and private firms to reevaluate their perspective on things and it has also encouraged them to consider key factors that can give them competitive advantage and better standing the global market.  The conference has once again linked innovative thinking to progress.

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