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The SFI Standard

Overview of Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard’s objectives are to give quality measures that will ensure the forest environment and protect its biodiversity. This implies that it covers species at danger and the wildlife’s natural surroundings; sustainable harvest levels; security of water quality; and quick recovery of our forests or reforestation. Another SFI 2010-2014 Standard was recently created, through an open review process which took effect on the 1st of January in 2010. Certification in this standard is done through independent third party audits from certification bodies that merit international accreditation.

Photo of Forest Management on Tree Cutting
The SFI program are exclusively certifying lands within North America such as the United States and Canada. All participating entities and program members must conform to all appropriate laws. For sources outside of North America without compelling regulations, members must steer away from unlawful or other disputable sources. The SFI program provides support in helping implementation of practices by global specialists to discover and explore approaches that address the issues of illegal logging.  The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is also a part of the globally recognized, multi-stakeholder Forest Legality Alliance.

SFI has given standard certification to more than 181 million sections of land (730,000 km2) in North America.  With 959 chain-of-authority certificates at 2,339 areas as of the end of October 2010, SFI had been the fastest developing organization for chain-of-authority in 2008 as stated by United Nations.

SFI is by and large recognized less stringent than that of the Forest Stewardship Council. For instance, SFI permits more tree cultivating and does not oblige presentation of conservation agreements or discussions with local and indigenous stakeholders (aside from open lands). SFI is less appraised than FSC for instance by Consumer Reports “Greener Choices”, and Green America. However, other organizations rate SFI/PEFC and FSC in the same level : Terrachoice (member of the Underwriters Laboratories Global Network). It included both SFI/PEFC and FSC as legitimate environmental benchmark and certifications, specifically in its 2010 Sins of Greenwashing report.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard Certification

QSE consultants have been providing professional consultation services to organizations who are seeking certification in SFI Standard. They have helped companies establish themselves as credible and responsible producers, manufacturers and distributors of forest products. With more than 20 years of experience in providing proper consulting, training and auditing, and the simplicity of approach, they provide superior benefits such as reduced documentation, sustainable implementation, real world application, improved quality, better efficiency, increased productivity and bottom line improvement. Contact QSE Consultant through their website or call 770 – 518 – 9967770 – 518 – 9967 now.

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